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We are operating everyday weather permitting in 2020!

An unforgettable power boat tour to Comino Blue Lagoon with the fastest powerboats on the Islands.

Save yourself hours of slow travelling and get to Comino from Sliema in just 20 minutes!

Once we arrive at Comino our tour includes a 4 hour stop for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and a visit to the beautiful Crystal Lagoon. You will also get a Comino Cave Tour worth Eur 15 for FREE. Taking a powerboat to Comino will save you hours of travelling compared to the traditional tourist boats! Our Boats are custom built. They are 33 feet long with twin yamaha 300hp engines and hold over 20 people. Constructed by the famous Chaudron boat company, a company established in Malta in 1988 which today is the undisputed top boat-building company in Malta. Chaudron started competing in the PowerBoat P1 championship in 2004 with the debut race in home seas. Chaudron were allowed to compete after being given a wildcard and after the experience the team planned on entering the SuperSport championship with the main aim of securing the world title – an ambition achieved in 2007 and 2008.

Comino is a small island located between the larger islands of Malta and Gozo. Comino is noted for its tranquillity and isolation. It has almost no permanent residents and is now mainly visited by tourists. St Marys tower is the most visible structure on the island. Dating back to 1416 when the Maltese petitioned their King to build a tower on Comino to serve as an early warning system in case on invasion, and to deter marauding Turks, pirates, smugglers and corsairs from using Comino as a hiding place and staging ground for devastating sorties onto the sister islands Of Malta and Gozo.

Booking ahead is recommended as we are usually fully booked 1-2 days before each tour. Click here for the full terms and conditions of the tour


We depart from the Sliema Strand  at 11:30am opposite the shop 'Marks and Spencer'. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early so can can check you in.





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avatar - Apr, 12, 2016 -

Ian G Buckley-Walker

Thrilling, stunning an absolute must if you want to go Comino. These guys know how to give you the thrill of your life and still feel safe in the safety of the captain.

avatar - May, 12, 2016 -

George Zammit

Great experience with you guys today our guide Aaron outsiding will definitely be taking this next trip to blue lagoon again with you guys

avatar - May, 03, 2016 -

Emma Marshall

Absolutely fantastic experience!! Hate boats and being on the sea but this was something my husband wanted to do and I wasn't looking forward to it - but, it was one of the best experiences of our holiday. We even paid extra to go back to Sliema on it rather than take the ferry! Recommend you try this as it truly was an amazing experience!!!

avatar - May, 08, 2016 -

Zdenjik Tabone

One of the best experiences ever in my life! Super exciting! Well done to the crew and to the skills they offer while cruising 2 beautiful powerboats together and make us passengers feel the adrenaline rush! smile emoticon smile emoticon Will definitely go again and highly recommend it!! Well done

avatar - May, 12, 2016 -

Emma Elias

Brilliant - took some persuading to go but one of the best things ever. Would strongly recommend. Brilliant going right inside the Comino caves smile emoticon thank you

avatar - May, 12, 2016 -

Roseanne Marie

AMAZING!!!! grin emoticon Worth every penny, my other half and I have done it twice in 4 days because we loved it so much, the crew are so friendly and inviting. The boat is so much fun we will definitely be doing it again when we come back to Malta! Also thankyou Nicolay for suggesting it. Definitely a must for anyone who loves a bit of excitement and of course you get to go to the blue lagoon too!

avatar - Jan, 23, 2016 -

Danae Marie

They can tailor your needs, so if you have a request, just ask. Enjoyed it so much, I did it for two days ( I was only in Malta for 3). It was very hot weather when I went and didn't want to be at the blue lagoon for hours as there is one toilet and no shade unless you can hire an umbrella, but it's crammed with tourists (still worth a visit). So Supreme company solved this problem by letting me do the power boat return trip for the day, then allowed me to use their small cruise ship for a base where there was toilets, shade, snorkel hire.....for just €45!..it was wonderful because all the tourists that came on the ship to the lagoon, had left to spend time on the small beach - the ship was peaceful and we (just 6 of us) could jump of the bow of the ship and snorkel in a quieter location, with the main lagoon just 5 mins walking distance away.

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